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It’s fair to say that I would rather nosh on glass than discuss my health with anyone but a doctor, so you can imagine my horror when I learned I was going to have to wear a MedicAlert bracelet.


“It’s bad enough I have to advertise my personal info in public, but now I have to display it on jewellery I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing…,” my inner 20-year-old was wailing.  I know; bad joke. But really: medical jewellery. When did it come to this?


I tolerated the ranting of my inner brat for a moment or two before grown-up me returned and I remembered: this actually fits my philosophy. I’ve always believed that the things we wear every day should be beautiful and longwearing, and contribute to our quality of life.

So I’ve been experimenting with bracelets and necklaces for myself, attaching the medical medallions where I would normally add a crown or a feather or some other charm with charm.

And I can do it for you too, if you happen to need such a thing.

When it comes to medical medallions, there’s a silver lining (and a gold one). You can buy them in sterling silver or other precious metals and I can incorporate them into the design of any necklace or bracelet you like.

And I’ve been thinking about how to weave the different shapes of medallions into bangles and gemstone bracelets.


We can come up with something that lets the family member or friend who will inherit the piece — someday! a long, long time from now! —  remove it easily.


Yes, there’s another thing I don’t like talking about, except when I’m talking to brides. They’re delighted by the idea that someday their children and grandchildren will inherit a signature necklace that carries so many memories. And while it’s true that, ideally, all our good jewellery will be worn long after we’re gone, I just hate thinking about the “gone” part.

So that’s how I’ve dealt with my resistance to wearing my medical history in public. I’m trying to make it as beautiful as possible now, so that whoever inherits it will be delighted to wear it later. Much, much later.

My first creation is a simple charm bracelet in a big link silver chain, with a stylish lobster clasp and some decorative silver beads. It’s ideal for layering with other pieces, like my watch, and a simple leather-and-silver-bead bracelet that has been in my wardrobe for years.

But my next life-saving piece could be anything that delights my senses. Or yours.


Which is all to say that while I’m not up for talking about my health, I’m always happy to discuss medical jewellery from the aesthetic point of view.